7 Ways to Earn With Direct Sales

Now more than ever people are looking for additional streams of income. I have always encouraged anyone over the age of 18 to take a serious look at Direct Sales.  There are so many business types to consider. Find something that you are passionate about for a better chance of success.  

15 years ago I took the leap and started my first Direct Sales business. I loved the products but had an uneasy feeling about how the company onboarded new consultants. So I moved on to my second company. The next company had a great entry-level opportunity that everyone could afford which made it easy to grow a team. However, my love for the products was just not there.  Then I stumbled over my forever company, a then 12-year-old company that I had never heard of, but I soon fell in love with the products and the company’s core values. If you could be your own best customer then you know you have found the right place. I absolutely love the products and use them in my kitchen every day and I believe in the business opportunity.  This is what you are looking for,  a company that you can be passionate about

I find that when most people start a business they do so to earn some extra income. So let’s look at where the money comes from using my current company, Epicure as an example. I do want to share that many other companies are similar to this model, but the percentage may vary.

  1. We earn Commission on everything that we sell – up to 33% depending on your rank in the company, with every consultant earning a minimum of 25%
  2. Team Building is a great way to increase your income while helping someone else earn some extra cash – you can earn 3-5% on personal team sales each month
  3. Mentorship Bonus earn additional bonuses for helping others reach their financial goals – $20,000CA/$15400US per mentored consultant – rank advancement bonuses are available to you
  4. Lifestyle Bonus comes are your move up the career path with these bonuses starting at Senior Director which is the third rank from the top – $18000CA/$14500US per year
  5. Organization bonus, earn on your downlines of up to 5%
  6. Fast Start Bonuses – thousands in bonuses and rewards in your first 90 days of business and additional matching bonuses are available beyond that time frame
  7. Special invitations and free products– free trips, cash bonuses and free products are available to all who want it. 

If you want more information or If you have questions, I would love to chat. If you are ready to jump in and earn an additional stream of income that is fun, flexible and rewarding, then JOIN NOW! I encourage you to take some time to find a company that you can be passionate about. If you enjoy sharing Good Food with others, Epicure just might be for you.  

Income disclaimer: Income is based on indivdual efforts.  Starting a business does not mean that you will be succesful.  You must work you direct sales business just like any other business in order to see results. 

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